Some of my favorite people, places and stuff:

Dirk Hamilton - I am very proud to be playing and recording with a great old friend.

LJ Lawrence - My partner for years, amazing musician in all aspects. In loving memory.

Ryan Madora - Great young bass player, with a feel way beyond her years ... gonna be one of the best on the planet someday!

Carol Moog - Incredible harp ... so soulful.

BD Mylo and the Go Daddys - BD Mylo is a phenomenon. She can light up a room, and her band sounds great.

Kari and Jerry - Wonderful singing and playing, travelling the world going places I only dream of ..

Lenny Fatigati - Great bass playing and singing, and ... that TONE.

Craig Tillman's Blues Mercenaries - Old and new blues with a twist.

Lisa Chavous - Lisa Chavous is singin' it for you!!  Blues ... Jazz ... whatever you want ... with blazing energy.

Michael O'Rourke - excellent drummer - cool grooves.

Lenny G and the Soulsenders - "Once a Soulsender, always a Soulsender".

Big Leroy Foster - Great guitar slinger - the real deal.

Teresa James - A wonderful singer and piano player I used to play with who will always have a place in my heart

Cami Thompson - World class jazz (and just about anything else you can imagine)

Julia Vaughters - Bringing classical chops to the blues ... keys, bass AND vocals.

Walter Runge - A great keyboard player in all styles ... and an artist in every sense of the word.

Presto Entertainment - A young energetic agency .. full service! Loren and Pat go the extra mile.

Warmdaddy's - Philadelphia's blues mecca

Rusty Nail - Where I go every Thursday ... come on down and jam

Red Hot & Blue - Blues close to my home.

Ozone Guitars - the real Dave Schecter. Been playing his guitar for years. A talented luthier and good friend as well.

Bill Lawrence - The one and only! Great pickups, and great people.

Barber Electronics - I can't say enough about his pedals.

Fulltone Custom Effects - 50 million Fulldrive II's can't be wrong.

Analog Man - Mike's pedals and his mods sound great.

Real McCoy Custom - Geoffrey Teese makes a wah that sounds, well, like a great wah!

Bruno Amps - I'll never part with mine.

Alessandro High - End Products Love my Working Dog ... old school quality and tone in a new amp.

Fender - like they need my help!! I use their guitars and amps, so here they are.

Time Electronics - Nobody knows more about repairing guitars and amps than Rich. Great bass player, too

Lord Valve - Good service, good products.

Oakshade Stables - You can't play music all the time .. riding, lessons, boarding .. everything equine.

Over The Fence Video - just what it says - video services for horseback riding. Specializing in horse shows.

More all the time.

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